pega file listener for case creation (specific use case)

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Pega Personel Edition
– Create a Case Type with the Required Use Case with Properties

– Create the File Listener from the Wizard Path: Configure–> Integration–> Services–> Service Wizard 
Check the Video for The Configarations Used 
– Provide the Folder path Properly and Place the XMl File in it To Process it 
– Go To ADmin Studio and then go to Listener and Start a New File Listener Instance Refresh and Check 1 item would be pending Once Processed check the Case instances for the case type. 
– happy path will be properties are populated with the File Listener Properties Details.

XML File:

<Designation>Software Engineer</Designation>




<Name>Ben Afflick</Name>



please let me know if you are unable to implement or need help, you can comment below or connect/contact me in linkedin :

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