Pega CPDC Birds Eye View

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Cross Sell on the Web 

Action : the offers presented to Customer

Single offer on the web or multiple offers can be provided

Customer Engagement policy

Eligibility: Strict rules for customers, as well as legal rules

Applicability: Situation based rules for customers to qualify for an offer

Suitability: Empathetic rules for a customer to qualify for an offer

Avoiding overexposure of Actions:

Contact policy Rules Used

Suppression policies used

Suppression Policy:

It determines when and for how long an action or group of actions should not be shown to a customer.

These suppression rules put an action on hold after a specific number of outcomes are recorded for some or all channels

Contact policy:

it is created in constraint tab and we can add any contact policy to taxonomy.

Action Arbitration(Prioritization):

P x C x A X B

propensity X context weighting X Action Value X Business Levers

propensity : likelihood of a customer to respond positively

context weighting : Situational Context ex: want to close bank account but pega priority action asks to retain customer

Action Value: Financial value of an action & prioritize high Value Actions Over Low Value ones

Business Levers: It allows the business to assert some level of Control over the prioritization of Actions.

Business Weight : you Want to Show offer prior to another, provide business weight in the Action it can be Value of %.

Testing : Testing in here is persona testing which will be done from customer Profile Test Results and Completed in Engagement policy tab persona testing

Cross Sell on the Web Extended based on Cross sell on the Web

Suitability Rule : We Credit Score —→ Use Scorecard —→ Use Set property to get the Score in Decision Strategy

Eligibility Rules : Use Decision table based on risk Segment ——> pxRiskSegment gives the final segment result

Adding More Tracking Time : Contact policies has to be Configured in Decision Strategies as these requirement settings are not available in NBA for this you need to create a new Interaction Summary rule

Testing : Instead of Persona Testing we use simulation in Visual business director.

Customer Contact Limits:

Customer contact limits keep an action from reaching a customer on a specific channel, irrespective of past outcomes with that offer and customer.

Volume Constraint :

Volume constraints limit the volume of actions sent in an outbound run

Suppression policy :

Suppression policies put an action on hold after a specific number of outcomes are recorded for some or all channels

Suitability rules:

Suitability rules are used to define appropriate actions for customers.

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