My Journey to Conquering the Pega Data Scientist Certification 8.8 Exam

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Pega Ds

lets look at the Topics with weightage 

    Customer Decision Hub overview
    Customer Decision Hub predictions
    Adaptive models
    Monitoring adaptive models
    Exporting adaptive model data
    Creating predictions and predictive models
    Creating and understanding decision strategies
    Defining prediction patterns
    Text analytics for email routing
    Using entity extraction with chatbot channel
    Predicting fraud
    Predicting case completion

   Part 1:

  1.     Create an Excel and fill in the Syllabus of the course according to the above breakdown.
  2.     You have to focus more on the topics which have more weightage
  3.     Caution: you need to complete the course atlest twice max thrice or till you are confident ♾️
  4.     Start the course focusing on the theory topics for the first time and understand the topics, not practical excercises
  5.     Take the Quiz repeatedly for each module and mission
  6.     Complete the Mission test, you will get a confidence boost, and you are ready to do the practical excercises now

Part 2:

  1. Without the hold of the topics, you are just shooting without a target 🎯while you are doing practical exercises
  2. Now start the practical exercises  one by one take time to do practical exercises as Most of the question are from the                      practical exercises which comes in the certification exam, so practical exercises require time.
  3. Repeat the same process one more time, after that if you are confident with the topics and the practical exercises, you are good to find out sample question.
  4. Caution: only some questions will come from Pega academy quiz and mission test, which will be direct questions.
  5. Please be very patient doing the practical exercises
  6. Review the configurations and tasks in the practical exercises.

I have linked some documents with sample questions for CPDS 8.8 and mission tests you can go through,

Caution! Questions in the Exam are scenario centric, so please focus on practical exercises.

These steps are enough to crack, easier said than done, can be achieved

through proper planning and time management though

Number of Times the Word “Practical”  used in this blog : 11 times 

So plan accordingly, you are clever enough to know where to focus more to crack it. 🙌🏻

All The Best👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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